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Passionate about life and joyful by nature, Vera started her journey through  Fine Arts. Even though the entrance grade requirement was very high, she  never gave up because she knew all she wanted was that course and that  university. The effort resulted in 5 very inspiring years. Vera left with good  friends and a very diversified portfolio. During 2 summers she replaced the  beach for internships in Marinha and Caldas da Rainha, and on her 4th year  gave up her vacations to look for an internship. After working at Lintas for 3  years she started at JWT where she stayed for 19. Throughout the years she  has trailed an uncommon path for a creative: working on several of the  agencies departments and raising a family with 4 children: another rarity among  advertisers!  


When we ask people who worked with Vera throughout these years the  opinions are consensual: “[…] an ability to conceptualise in a mature and  effective way and an extraordinary good taste”, “Vera always finds a solution.  And a good one […]”, “Vera is in excellent designer and art director, […] She's  quick and very effective in the solutions she presents. She's also gifted with an  exemplary professionalism, an impressive optimism and a contagious good  mood”, “Vera is an experienced art director/graphic designer with exceptional  discipline and an elegant style. She is one of the most organized and  methodical person I've worked with!”  


VLM Design was born from a passion for Design and it's essence. the more  than 20 years of experience combined with her training in Communication  Design and an enormous desire to pursue her passion gave birth to this project.  The starting point is always a well structured brief, followed by the development  of a concept after which imagination can run free to reach the visual identity of a  brand, the design of wine labels, the packaging design, the photographic mood, the  art direction for a campaign, the development of the graphic design of a  brochure or even of a website or an event. VLM design, in partnership with its  clients, strives to take brands further.

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